Sneak peek at sleek new club Pangaea at MBS

There has been a strong buzz around the opening of Pangaea on Sep 22, a new ultra-lounge club founded by American nightclub impresario Michael Ault. Yesterday, journalists were given a sneak peek of what it's all about.

Located in one of the crystal pavillions of the Marina Bay Sands, the club can be accessed by a long underwater corridor that welcome guests with a few neon lights, yet put them in the nightlife mood with its dark interior. At the end of the tunnel you are welcome in a relatively small room, with over 20,000 glass bubbles decorating the ceiling. The effect is striking and immediatly gives a feel of luxury. Around the room are large welcoming sofas in various exotic leathers with low wooden tables (the only wrong aesthetic note in the otherwise sleek decor), where patrons will be served by the Pangaea Girls wearing long Ashley Isham dresses, reinforcing the idea this is an establishment with class.

"Where is the dance floor?' was the question often asked. "everywhere" was the reply. Custom-made dance tiers can be found within each banquette... In one corner, the VVIP table, which costs $20,000 to book comes with its own "security" guard. Those who wants to seat around some of the other tables will also have to spend a minimum $8000 in spending.

Pangaea is right below the Avalon Club, which is opening tonight.