Shang Xia celebrates 1-year anniversary with exhibition "Human and Nature"

To celebrate its one-year anniversary, Shang Xia, the Chinese brand set up by Hermes, has unveiled a month long exhibition at Sinan Mansions in Shanghai. "Human and Nature" is dedicated to contemporary Chinese craftsmanship.

The objects highlight the company's commitment to creating contemporary and usable objects whilst maintaining the beauty and techniques of traditional artisans in China.

The Mansion, where the exhibition is located, is a historic villa built in the 1920s. Recently renovated, the villa blends traditional architecture with modern amenities and design. For the month-long exhibition, the villa’s interior has been designed to reflect the theme "Nature" – thus creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere. The first floor space is decorated with 580 hand-made bamboo screens from Anji, in Zhejiang province. The floor is filled with round pebbles. 

A "Garden" within the villa’s courtyard was designed by the Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma, who also designed Shang Xia's boutique in Shanghai. The "Garden" is a tea tasting space made of light cloth, which is gently supported by a floating balloon. It can be interpreted as a cloud descending on a bamboo grove; an imagery often cited Chinese poetry. 

"Tea Line" is a space constructed of Pu Er tea bricks. Here visitors can experience a traditional tea ceremony through the company's furniture and specially designed objects.

Shang Xia's 2012 collection includes furniture, objects, garments and accessories. 

The Da Tian Di collection is a contemporary interpretation of tea furniture combining a tea tray and table. Made from coveted Zitan wood and walnut the table is elegant, modern but also has a hint of traditional Ming furniture. It takes around 2000 hours to complete the table; including hand crafted joints and a glossy polish. The tray is made of Duan ink stone.

The Shan Shuicollection is hand carved from flawless raw agate. The delicate bowls are presented on a tray of Zitan wood and walnut. The collection comes in either moss or smoky agate and each bowl requires around 80 hours of work. Each item in the series is unique, with its own pattern based on the original agate.

Inspired by the Taihu Rock which represents wisdom and immortality, the Garden collection is made up of elegant stationary. This collection comes in precious Zitan wood or lacquer and takes around 2500 hours to complete. With a circular engraved pattern, reminiscent of a pool of meditative contemplation, these sets feature your own Taihu Rock, infusing the set with ancient poetry and philosophy.

The Jun Zi collection is inspired by traditional Chinese carry boxes. With five levels, the Jun Zi mahjong case contains 4 boxes of mahjong tiles and racks, a box of chips, chip holder and dice. With your choice of tiles in precious Indian sandalwood or Zitan wood. Each set takes over 2000 hours to make.