Must See - Night Lights 2011 @ SAM

Night Lights 2011, an evening outdoor showcase of spectacular light installations by various French artists, is running until Saturday. Go and watch the "face" of the Singapore Art Museum being stretched and deformed as if a talking beast (I had vision of the Merlion talking to me !)

Lyrical Perspective by 1024 architecture is a fun, interactive visual and sound-based mapping projection that allows visitors to transform the facade of SAM to beat music. The installation is a lot of fun, and by far my favorite because it makes such a visual impact and engage you to look at the museum in a different way.

Inside the museum there are also two fun, but very different installations. Curiosities by Alain Benini is a nest of luminous blue jellyfish that rises up aboce the fountains and floats over the SAM courtyard creating a poetic ballet of tentacles.

There is also Reactive Wall by Mojoko in collaboration with computer programmer Shang Liang. Reactive Wall showcases over 200 cartoon and graphic elements that populate a video screen, As the visitor makes noice, more pop-up (I can already hear the kids shouting!)

At the back of the museum, and almost lost, The Cloud (Le Nuage) is an atmospheric apparition that comes alive in silent. While the apparition would have been great on its own, it's completly lost after watching the musical facade and feels unfortunatly a bit flat. Shame because the visual of a cloud forming over people having coffee is quite fun!

Moving across SAM on the lawn of SMU are more light installations: Lampounettes by TILT,
a row of gigantic table lamps that will greet and light your way as you make your way along SMU to or from SOTA; and Green Invaders by Yves Caizergues, a wall of green-invaders inspired by a legendary video game that mix old visual with new technology

Parking Mad (Le Parking en folie) by Benedetto Buffalino is a row of parked cars gone wild, flashing lights from their windows sometimes in a frenzied conversation with one another, sometimes in synchronised patterns. The installation is on the lawn of the National Museum of Singapore

Finally, the Fish Tree, made by BIBI from everyday plastic objects, comes alive at night and light up SOTA’s fa├žade. The artist creates installations made of disused common plastic objects given them new life with a touch of light