Titanic exhibition to moor at MBS

'Titanic: The Artifacts Exhibition' featuring original artifacts from the world's most famous shipwreck will be showing at the ArtScience Museum of MBS from Oct 29.

On a bright Wednesday morning, April 10, 1912, the RMS Titanic aleft Southampton on its maiden voyage across the North Atlantic. On board were 2,228 passengers and crew, ranging from third-class immigrants full of hopes for a brighter future to first-class millionaires, such as Mr and Mrs. John Jacob Astor IV. Four days later, the luxury liner had struck an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic. Only 705 people survived.

This new exhibition will bring to life the timeless story, from the construction and launch of the steamer, through life on board, its collision and sinking, and finally the discovery of its wreck.

There will be 275 artifacts, 14 of which have never been seen before, all rescued from more than 3,800m below the ocean surface.

But the exhibition is primarily designed to tell the incredible human stories behind the tragery through the use of authentic artifacts and extensice room re-creations, such as the First and Third Class Cabins, Verandah CafĂ©, the famous Grand Staircase, the Promenade deck and Boiler Room. 2

Items from the ship’s construction, vials of perfume from a maker who was traveling to New York to sell his samples, china etched with the logo of the elite White Star Line, postage stamps, sheet music, coins, jewelry, personal items and many other authentic objects offer historical insights into the life and times of travelers of that era and the wide socio-economic disparity between rich and poor.