Singaporean and Indonesian Pop Art @ Element Art Space

David Chan, Hip-Hop Snoopys (2010), oil on linen

Element Art Space (formely SBin Art Plus gallery) is presenting a group exhibition of Pop Art by Singaporean and Indonesian artists.

phunk Studio, Neverland 2 (2010), acrylic on canvas
New Pop New World includes 25 artworks, ranging from paintings to digital prints. Curated by Alia Swastika, the exhibition features established names in the Singapore art scene including: Vincent Leow who through his use of vivid colours that reverberates with pop art explores the idea of kitsch through his paintings, drawings and three-dimensional objects; Lee Wen, a recipient of the Cultural Medallion for his contribution to the local contemporary art scene; David Chan, known for his lurid, part-comic, part-eerie human-animal hybrid paintings that are widely interpreted as a tragicomic take on society’s collective split personality; and :phunk, a contemporary art and design collective that uses a highly skilful display of fresh and exciting images to depict how pop art is very much affected by comic visualisation.
Vincent Leow, John, Andy (2007), oil on canvas

The lineup of contemporary artists from Indonesia include Agan Harahap, a photographer and digital imaging artist whose works often combine the parody and satire of human life, looking at how religions have become a commoditized object in the mass media and the entertainment industries; Switzerland-based Eddie Hara, one of the pioneer pop artists in Indonesia who has influenced many artists of the following generation whose works display a solid dose of irony and humour, often populated by mutant women and strange animals despite serious themes in his art (politics, sexism, racism etc.); Arief Tousiga, who works with various mediums and probes with realist forms to communicate his ideas through visual illusions and Wisnu Auri, who elaborates intimate personal stories through a semi-autobiographical approach based on his daily experiences

Eddie Hara, Untitled (2010)

Agan Harahap, Happy Religion - Doubting Thomas (2011), digital print on canvas