Update - Maritime Xperiential Museum at RWS to open Oct 15

The Maritime Xperiential Museum and Aquarium at Resort World Sentosa will open October 15. The new maritime museum, designed to ressemble the hull of a ship promises to show visitors an innovative look at the history of the Maritime Silk Route.

The Singapore museum will be the first one to showcase the Asian maritime history, focusing on Admiral Zheng He's travels from China to the 'Western Ocean' thanks to his Treasure Ship (Bao Chuan) and his grand fleet.

The Jewel of Muscat, a reconstruction of a 9th-century dhow and a gift from the Omani government to the people of Singapore, will take pride of display and visitor will also be able to find out more about maritime archaeology and conservation, shipwrecks and sunken cargoes as well as early Singapore's role as an important trading port.

Entering the museum, visitor will be greeted by a a life-size replica of the bow of General Admiral Zheng He’s Bao Chuan (treasure ship).

Visitor will be able to experience the sights and sounds of the ancient markets found at various ports of call along the Silk Route.

The centerpiece will be a huge 360-degree multimedia theatre, where visitors "board" an Arabia-bound sailing ship docked near Singapore 1,100 years ago and get to experience the dangers sailors met on the Silk Route. As their vessel sinks, "passengers" will also experience that sinking feeling as the theatre floor will descend literally under the sea where a surprise will await them. Can't wait!