Christie's NY to auction beautiful jade carvings Sep 15

A Very Rare Large White Jade Archaistic Vase and Cover
Qianlong/Jiaqing period (1736–1820)

Christie's NY will auction a collection of superb jade carvings by a European collector on Sep 15.
Leading the sale is a very rare white jade archaistic vase and cover, Qianlong/Jiaqing period (1736-1820). The vase is carved from fine stone of even white tone and exhibits an unusual shape, as well as a bold combination of low and high relief carving.

Finely Carved White and Russet Jade Animal-form Water Pot

This mythological animal bixie, meaning ‘avoid evil’, is finely carved in an archaistic style with a snarling expression. The details are enhanced with finely incised hair markings, floppy curved ears on a stone of soft, lustrous white tone with satiny polish and some added pale russet highlights

Yellow Jade Archaistic Pouring Vessel and Cover, Gong
18th century

This rare work takes its inspiration from a gong, a ritual bronze wine vessel from China’s Bronze Age. The bronze gong is one of the wine vessel types that appeared during the Anyang period of the Shang dynasty. These ritual wine vessels were often cast with fascinating zoomorphic imagery. However, the body of this gong has been left undecorated to highlight the soft, lustrous quality of the yellow stone.

Greenish-White Jade Table Screen
18th century
This jade table screen is an exceptional example of its type, demonstrating superb quality of carving and a very rare choice of subject matter. The screen depicts a foreign ship, influenced by European or Middle-Eastern design, sailing amidst crashing waves, with figures tending the sales. Illustrated on the other side of the screen is a procession of tribute bearers making their way along a mountainous path, with several bearing fine gifts .