Opening - Phnom Penh gets new contemporary gallery

Mongolian artist Nandin Erdene Budzagd
Phnom Penh contemporary art scene is still in its infancy, with only a handful of galleries. But tonight it’s getting a new addition with the opening of Teo + Namfah Gallery on 21 Street 214, ran by husband and wife Brad & Rattana Gordon - who also owns a gallery in Bangkok.

Batbaatar Khurelbaatar

Meta House founded in 2007 has been for a long time the main place really dedicated to local contemporary art, with EM Riem gallery also putting on small shows.

The new gallery is opening with an exhibition titled Time to Stop, featuring two young artists from Mongolia paired up with a French Cambodian artist Denis Min-Kim. 

Nandin Erdene Budzagd ("Nandia"), a young Mongolian artist, uses collages from a collection of magazine cutting to create new images of woman and children. She also has created a series of paintings providing glimpses into the public and personal lives of Mongolians.
Mongolian artist Batbaatar Khurelbaatar who won first prize in the Beijing Biennale in 2010 - recreates a lost world in his Pinhole series that aim to capture a time long forgotten in Mongolia. Another set of work he is creating focuses on Buddhist bells found in temples and touched for good luck.  
Min-Kim presents a series of black and white works on paper focused on Khmer boxing, waterfalls and kormas (Khmer scarves). In his signature pieces of Khmer boxing, a methaphor on the struggle of Cambodian culture, he portrays two fighters, playing with timeframes to create multiple images.  

Denis Vantha Min-Kim