Opening - David Hockney @ STPI, Singapore

“An Image of Celia” 1984
Lithograph, screenprint, collage, handpainted frame
© David Hockney / Tyler Graphics LTD.
The Singapore Tyler Print Institute's summer show is focusing on one of the greatest living British artists David Hockney. Recognized for his chic portrayal of Southern California's swimming pools as well as his portraits of close family and friends, Hockney's works are inspired by every day experiences. A rebel among his contemporaries, Hockney refused to be pigeonholed in a particular medium or artistic style. Indeed now in the digital age, Hockney is foraging new frontiers by experimenting on Apple's iPhone and iPad.

The STPI exhibition focuses on the artist's's mid-career prints that are now part of the Signapore Art Museum Collection. Their scale and visual composition are a testament to the artist's daring nature to push the medium, as well as his own abilities. There is a Picasso inspired portrait of Celia, his mother, that is particularly beautiful, and large very colorful prints, with lots of patterns and jazzy colour combinations.

“Hotel Acatlan: First Day” 1984
© David Hockney / Tyler Graphics LTD.