Opening - The Adventures of the Mad Chinaman @ Esplanade

Dick Lee is a bit of a national icon in Singapore. The acclaimed song writer and singer has been around since the early 1970s and his long career had its up and down until he made it big with his Mad Chinaman album in 1989, that brought him fame in Japan. Nowadays, he's better known as a TV personality, a judge on 'Singapore Idol' and for writing popular musicals (Forbidden City, Ramlee the Musical). But Lee is a consummate artist and his new solo recital 'The Adventures of the Mad Chinaman' (at the Esplanade until May 26) is really a great opportunity to rediscover why he became so famous and what a good musician he really is.  In the intimate setting of the Esplanade studio stage, which has been transformed into Lee's personal apartment, Lee takes the audience on a musical trip down memory lane, regaling with early childhood stories, his awkward days as a pimpled teenager with big glasses and his transformation into the kid about town (complete with flare pants and 60s large collar shirt). Playing on the piano songs that inspired him and songs he wrote, you start to discover the songwriter behind the personality. At time very humorous, as time more reflective, Lee holds an intimate monologue with the public and keeps going for close to 2 hours. It’s a homecoming of sort as he plans to embarks on a new chapter in his musical career having spent the most recent years writing song for others, as well as large production musicals.