Opening - Get ready for some Dali @ MBS ArtScience Museum

Snail and the Angel
The MBS ArtScience Museum in Singapore will open Dali: Mind of a Genius on May 14. Visitors will be able to enter the surreal mind of Salvador Dalí, one of the 20th century’s best-known artists, thanks to a display of over 250 Dalí artworks, primarily sculptures and lithographs.

Montre Molle

Dalí, the most iconic figure of the surrealist movement, explored a wide range of artistic expressions ranging from paintings, sculptures, literature, cinema to decorative art, fashion, furniture, jewelry and last but not least advertising. The exhibition will be divided into three themed areas – Femininity and Sensuality, Religion and Mythology, Dreams and Fantasy.

Woman Aflame
“Femininity and Sensuality” features Dalí artworks depicting the female form and its sensuality. Important pieces include the sculpture of Women Aflame that unites two of Dalí’s obsessions: A female form with drawers set aflame. Other highlights include Space Venus and Anthropomorphic Cabinet.

“Religion and Mythology” reflects Dalí’s tempestuous and ambiguous relationship with the Church. Artworks found in this gallery include renowned sculptures such as the Snail and the Angel, Adam and Eve, and Vision of the Angel.

“Dreams and Fantasy” embodies Dalí’s enduring fascination with the subconscious mind as the true canvas for expression of personality. This comes into vivid focus through sculptural works such as Persistence of Memory and Dance of Time I. Other works that refer to a life lived through dreams and distorted visions of reality include the alluring Alice in Wonderland and Spellbound, a huge 11 meter by 5 meter visually spectacular 1945 painting borne from Dalí’s collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock. The exhibition will run until Oct 30.