Must See - Ivan Heng in Emily of Emerald Hill @ Esplanade

It’s hard to image what could go wrong with this new production of Emily of Emerald Hill, one of Singapore’s quintessential play about Peranakan culture. Stella Kon’s 1983 monologue is directed by Glenn Goi and helmed by Ivan Heng and no one does the female matriarch quite like him. Heng first took on the title role of this play in 1999 and over a span of 10 years, he has revisited the role no less than 7 times in 98 performances worldwide. Kon’s classic play has stood the test of time well and Emily remains as compelling a character’s today, from the young innocent girl to the headstrong matriarch. The fact that a Singaporean play is making it at the Esplanade for 10 days (Mar 3 to Mar 13), probably a first for the Esplanade, says it all..