Preview - Collectors Stage @ SAM and Helutrans

Yogya Bintang House Mini by Yoshitomo Nara
 Just attended the preview of Collectors Stage, an exhibition of major contemporary art works held in the hands of private collectors and organized in conjuction with Art Stage Singapore. There are so many strong and iconic pieces it's really a not-to-be missed show. It opens on Friday. Unfortunately the small space at SAM doesn't rendered justice to some of the art works like the Jane Lee's Raw Canvas and Shen Shaomin's Summit. But still well worth the trip for a crash course on the best of Asian contemporary art

One of my favorite works has to be this installation by Yoshitomo Nara (it rewards the curious, so look to the cracks on the left-end side of the house when entering). Inside this sealed house are cute drawings by the fame Japanese artist with the house conceived as an artist atelier. There is even a reference to Singapore.

Handiwirman Saputra's Sofa

Osang Gwon's Manchester Mounter Police
This impressive sculpture (feeling crushed under SAM's low ceilings) is made out of hundreds of photographs collaged together as the artist transforms a 2D media into a 3D form. It encourage us to see how the artist represent the world and how we see the world.

Masriardi's Attack from Website  and Subdoh Gupta's Eveything Is Inside 
I've never been a huge fan of I Nyoman Masriadi, finding his $500,000 paintings's message a bit too cryptic, but this has to be one of his best. Attack from Website is dominated by a big dangerous white shark with blood all over his mouth which rooms the internet. Here the artist reflects on how the internet might no longer be the great usefull tool it was meant to be (think cyberbullism and others). He's put an arrow at the botton next to the turn off computer sign.

Anita Dube's Silence (Blood Wedding)

An interesting installation of bones wrapped in velvet and decorate with embroideries of fine pearls.

T.V> Santhosh's Howndingdown

Agus Suwage
Jitish Kallat's Collidonthus