Must See - Valentino @ RWS

This exhibition of Valentino’s dresses (see previous post) is a must-see if you appreciate not only fashion but fine craftsmanship. That word is used ad-nausea by luxury brands nowadays (everybody has fine craftsmanship), here it takes on a real meaning. Some of the details on those dresses (beadings, pleating, origami fabrics, etc) are just out of this world, and with 100 dresses on display representing 50 years of his career, it is really worth a stop. My only gripe: the terrible lightning, which makes it impossible to read any explanation on the dresses from a normal standing position (and even crouching I couldn't read some of them... plus 100 dresses...) It's a real pity because you really want to know more about each dress, when were they designed, for whom. For that you'll have to buy the heavy coffee tabe book, sold outside.