Published - Collectors Treasures at ArtStage Singapore

Raw Canvas, Jane Lee
Collection of Jackson See
Come January, followers of contemporary art will get a unique peak into some of Asia’s top private collections, thanks to an innovative museum exhibition organized by ArtStage Singapore. Fair director Lorenzo Rudolf wanted something non-commercial on the side of the fair that would complement it.
He opened his coveted contact book and contacted some of the biggest collectors in Asia asking them if they would agree to lend some of their treasures for the show at the Singapore Art Museum. The result, Contemporary Asian Masterpieces From Private Collections, will be an unparalleled occasion for art lovers to experience, first-hand, iconic works of contemporary Asian art drawn from distinguished private collections. This will include works from the collection of the Devi Art Foundation, the first private contemporary art museum in India founded by Lekha and Anupam Poddar, Budi Tek’s Yuz Foundation, Dr Oei Hong Djin, one of Indonesia most influential collectors, and well-known Korean collector Kim Chang-il, the owner of Arario Gallery, and Singaporean collector Jackson's See. Around 30 to 40 works will be presented, spread between the Singapore Art Museum and HT Art Space, Tanjong Pagar, where the larger, more industrial space will provide a better setting for large installations. Read the whole story about which artists these collectors will be showing in Prestige magazine this month.