Published - Catherine Lim returns to the novel but adds a touch of political intrigue

Catherine Lim has enjoyed two parallel lives as a Singaporean writer. She has written five novels and more than 10 collections of short stories, some of which are now used as literature texts in the city state's education system's O-level examinations. She is also a well-known political commentator whose writings have at times caused a stir. Up to now, she has kept fiction and politics separate but for her sixth novel, 'Miss Seetoh in the World', Lim blurs the two. A school teacher, a fictitious prime minister, the ‘great TPK,’and a bankrupt opposition leader, V.K. Pandy are the main charaters of her new book. Sounds familiar, but the plot is so far fetched this is no roman a cle. Read the whole story in the SCMP.