Opening - Singapore gets a new contemporary art museum

A new private museum at 27A Loewen Road opened earlier this month. The Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA) was developed by Linda Gallery, which also runs an auction house 33Auction. For the first exhibition, MOCA is featuring two of China’s most established contemporary sculptors: Jiang Shuo and her husband Wu Shaoxiang. The exhibition "Going Forward, Going For Money –The New Biography of Veterans Wu Shaoxiang and Jiang Shuo" is curated by Liao Wen, a well know curator of Chinese Contemporary Art.

Jiang Shuo's funny Red Guard sculptures cast in the ancient lost wax technique are full of expression despite the lack of facial features. The almost faceless guards with their wide-open mouths recall the period of turmoil in China when the spouting of slogans and mindless indoctrination was the path to survival. But today, the wheels have turned and what these red guards used to criticize during the Cultural Revolution they are now desiring.

Meanwhile, Wu Shaoxiang is famous for his ‘Coining’ series, where he explores human form made out of bronze-cast US dollar notes and coins, a witty commentary on the endless pursuit of monetary gain.