Opening Zulkifli Yusoff @ Utterly Art

Malaysian artist Zulkifli Yusoff has a new exhibition at Utterly Art. The Venice Biennale alumni continues with the third instalments of its historical trilogy, which started with Malay Sketches in 2008 and Malaysia in 2009. Harmony is drawing on icons of the post-Independence era, like the bunga raya or hibiscus, Malaysia's national flower, the barbershop pole with images of old-fashioned hairstyles, and hippie-style peace symbols to populate his canvases. Zulkifli remembers government dissemination of agricultural knowledge through radio and broadcast vans to motivate the populace to take part in the agricultural sector for the sake of their families' and the Nation's economies. This potent brew erupts in a dense juxta-positioning of images using screenprint, painting and new canvas collage techniques to realize the artist's vision of unity and peace.