Opening - Jompet @ Osage Hong Kong

At the heart of Indonesian artist Augustinus Kuswidananto (a.k.a. Jompet)’s work is an exploration of the relationship and tensions between tradition and modernity. The Indonesian artist takes as a starting point the history of Java and his work can often be read as a discourse on post-colonialism and globalisation. In the video work War of Java, Do you Remember? #2, a traditional Javanese dancer moves gracefully through an old sugarcane factory, where his movements mimic those of the massive machines in the background, a potent symbol of modernity. Java, the War of Ghosts features ‘invisible’ soldiers made flesh by their uniforms—amalgams of the Dutch and Javanese military attire—and equipment. Suspended from the ceiling, each plays a different sound, synchronised into an electronic orchestra. The installation is a representation of Java’s patchwork heritage, the soldiers seem to represent ghosts of a distant past dragged into the present. This very interesting artist had several works at the recent ArtHK fair which sold like hot cakes.