Must See- Ju Ming's latest Living World Series @ iPRECIATION

I’ve previously written about Ju Ming, the famed Taiwanese sculptor who made his name with his semi-abstract bronze Taichi Series in the 1970s. Personally, I’ve always preferred his later Living World Series (often, but not always in painted wood), which captures fleeting everyday moments with a sense of humour and a touch of bright colours. A year ago the artist started a new Living World Series – Swimming - using for the first time stainless steel. These have a real contemporary appeal and show an interesting evolution: the artist is giving up colours and now only using black and white paint to offset the steel. Some of the series sculptures are now at the iPRECIATION art gallery at the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore, as well as at its branch in Hong Kong. Ju Ming also has now a retrospective exhibition of his Living World Series at the National Art Museum of China until August 13. This exhibition includes his latest Imprisonment Series, another departure from the whimsical themes of the Living World Series, as the artist takes the feeling of despair amongst prisoners putting them in cages, but also looking at the notion of self-imprisonment.