Published - Walking in Nijinsky's steps

One hundred years ago, Vaslav Nijinsky performed the “Danse Siamoise” with the Ballets Russes at the Paris Opera. Part of the ballet “Les Orientales,” the dance was created by Michel Fokine and is believed to have been inspired by the performance of a Thai classical troupe, the Nai But Mahin Dance Company, that Fokine had seen in St Petersburg in 1900. Little is known of the original choreography for the “Danse Siamoise,” but, using old photographs and paintings, the Thai choreographer and dancer Pichet Klunchun has now created “Nijinsky Siam,” a 55-minute stage “dialogue” with Nijinsky, where Mr. Klunchun explores the Russian dancer’s understanding of Thai classical dance and responds to it. For the full IHT story