Exclusive - Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro together for Peter Chan's new flick

Hong Kong film director and producer Peter Chan is preparing to get back in the director's chair for his next film, tentatively titled Wuxia. Filming should start in Yunnan in August. Donnie Yen and Takeshi Kaneshiro are confirmed as the two main leads! Chan was producer on Bodyguards and Assassins, also with Donnie Yen, and he’s directed Takeshi Kaneshiro in Perhaps Love. For Wuxia, Yen will play a man, trying to live invisibly in an obscure little town, trying to cut his ties with his past. After Yen accidently kills two most wanted criminals passing by in the town, his identity becomes the focus of attention of a rundown cop, played by Kaneshiro. The female lead has yet to be cast. Chan is targeting to release the film next Summer.