Opening - Jakkai Siributr @ Tyler Rollins Fine Art in NY

Thai contemporary artist Jakkai Siributr’s ‘Karma Cash & Carry’ exhibition is opening at Tyler Rollins Fine Art today. Siributr primarily works with textile and he’s known for producing meticulously handmade tapestry and installation works that make strong statements about religious, social, and political issues in contemporary Thailand.

A main preoccupation of his art is the interaction of Buddhism and materialism in modern life, and the everyday popular culture of Thailand. Alluding to the way contemporary Thai popular religion incorporates such practices as fortune telling and winning lottery number prediction, Siributr organizes the exhibition around his conception of a karmic convenience store, where merit can be bought and sold. He makes use of found objects associated with bringing good fortune, integrating them into his elaborate compositions of Thai fabrics, embroidery, and hand stitched sequined work.