MUST SEE - Anthony Gormley's new work at Marina Bay Sands

I had the opportunity to interview Anthony Gormley today while he was at the Marina Bay Sands to talk about his spectacular grand sculptural installation in the lobby of the hotel. At first glance, my first reaction was: what is that and where is the body? I love Gormley’s ‘body’ sculptures but this piece, titled Drift, is a bit harder to decipher at first. Still, the work quickly grows on you as you walk around, especially from a high vantage point like the 8th floor. Describing the work is no easy task. It’s a bubble matrix which was made by deriving polygones from packed spheres around the void space of the body. From one specific vantage point (I’ll let you find it!), you can actually sort of see Gormley’s body. I’m a big fan of his works so, getting to talk to him was a real treat. He’s very happy with the result and was very enthusiastic about the whole collaboration with architect Moshe Safdie.