Ron Arad's Standing China in Shanghai fair this May

Ron Arad, who has a solo show at the Barbican Centre in London right now, has created a bookcase in the shape of a map of China and its provinces entitled Free Standing China. This follows his United States bookcase entitled Oh, the Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends. Unlike the USA bookcase which hangs on the wall, Free Standing China supports itself thanks to Arad’s clever design which, exploiting the perfectly reflective quality of the poly-mirror steel allows the sculpture to appear to be balanced on one point, the island of Hainan. 
The piece will be shown at the Shanghai Fine Jewellery and Art Fair May 16-May 23. That's one more reason to head to Shanghai this May, given the opening of the World Expo. I met Arad in Singapore two years ago for the inaugural F1 Grand Prix. He's working on a commissioned piece for the Singapore Freeport, which is opening in May.