Opening - Wu Guanzhong @ Hong Kong Museum of Art

A new exhibition featuring 50 pieces donated by Wu Guanzhong just opened at the Hong Kong Museum of Art and will run until July 4. These include Two Swallows, named by the artist as his most classic work, and Victoria Harbour produced during the artists first ever public demonstration, which shows that Hong Kong occupies a special place in the artists heart. The artist is considered one of the most important and innovative artists in the 20th-century Chinese art for the explorations and contributions he has made by blending the essences of the East and the West through his dialogues engaged in between oil painting and ink painting. Apart from the Two Swallows and Former Residence of Qiu Jin, highlight exhibits include Memories of Home, The Easterly Breeze Blows Open the Wisteria, Waterway, Reminiscence of Jiangnan, Mending Nets, and Leaving Youth Behind.

Hong Kong entered Wu's life some 60 years ago when the artist stopped over briefly en route his return by sea from Marseille, France, before changing for his homeward bound train. When he revisited the city in 1985, he was amazed by how it had transformed into a modern metropolis in just over three decades. From then on, he became a frequent guest. To tie in with the exhibition, the Museum of Art will organise a series of special lectures during the exhibition period.